upskill is an Online Service Market in Bangladesh that connects households with verified service providers to make your life more convenient and hassle free.

What is the company

Launched in 2016, is the largest service marketplace in Bangladesh. Household consumers can safely get services like Electrical, Cleaning, Laundry, etc. from a verified base of service SMEs. It is further a one-stop platform for SMEs to get leads, monitor, and manage their businesses and to grow. received local and international awards including the Best Startup Innovation Award 2018, Daily Star Best Startup of the year Award 2017, National ICT Startup 2017 and Top 10 Asian Founders by DW Program "Founder's Valley".

Current Traction

Service providers


Service orders
per month growing at a rate of 20%

BDT 6,200,000

Initial Challenges

The challenges faced by Sheba’s founders is a never ending list. After analyzing the situation, their top two challenges in the early days were: 1) hard-to-get information about service providers 2) verifying the reliability of the service providers. Sheba has managed to solve both and exceeded our expectations by all margins. After all, solving these problems for themselves is what solves the problem for their users.

How does it address the pain point/problem

Sheba is solving a problem that households in Bangladesh face daily. It is difficult to find a cleaner/electrician/driver who is reliable and capable. That is true for many other services that we need in our daily lives. Sheba strives to bring convenience to its users’ doorsteps, offering a wide array of services in one integrated service platform.

How did
we solve it

(how is it unique and what is the value proposition)

Sheba values customers’ time and work to ensure top-notch quality and uncompromised safety. The ‘secret sauce’ of Sheba’s meteoric rise lies in their rigorous quality assurance. Being a service platform, they are fulfilling market demands with best-in-class service. Sheba also strives to bring positive social impact by creating entrepreneurs and increasing employment opportunities in Bangladesh. They empower unskilled and semi-skilled labours by training them and giving them the tools to start and operate service businesses.

Why did the founder start it

The cofounders of Sheba came with over 12 years’ experience from companies such as Motorola, Nokia, and Telenor. Cumulatively, they have managed more than USD 800 M worth of projects. With the aim to bring a social change in the community, the cofounders founded with the target to create 1M+ new job opportunity in Asia.

Our Assessment

Since launch, Sheba’s performance has exceeded our expectations. With few other market participants, Sheba is the leading the service platform industry, and we do not expect this growth to slow down in the near term. Sheba’s founder and CEO, Adnan Imtiaz, has a clear vision and believes in setting high standards of work ethics for both internal and external aspects of the company. We also believe that, under Adnan’s leadership, Sheba has found a sustainable path for long term success, continuing to lead the way for its followers and drive value for shareholders.